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The Pride Land

From the magnificent musical opening over breathtaking African vistas to its rip-roaring, emotionally charged climax, The Lion King reigns supreme as animation's greating crowning achievement. Set amid the majestic beauty of the Serengeti, Disney's epic coming-of-age saga tells of the love between a proud lion ruler, Mufasa, and his son Simba -- a naive and curious cub who "just can't wait to be king." Out from the shadows prowl Simba's envious Uncle Scar and his hyena henchmen. Their scheming for the throne leads to tragedy...and Simba's exile from the kingdom he should rightfully rule. Befriended by the warmhearted warthog Pumbaa and his manic meerkat companion, Timon, Simba forgets his regal responsibilities and adopts the carefree lifestyle of "Hakuna Matata." But can Rafiki, a wise mystic baboon, help Simba reclaim his true destiny in the "circle of life"?

With a #1 hit soundtrack featuring songs by Elton John and Acedemy Award winning lyricist Tim Rice, and a score by Hans Zimmer -- and the greatest cast of voice-over stars ever assembled -- The Lion King triumphs with animation described by the New York Daily News as "no less than perfection...stunning!"

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