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The Tavern

You enter the tavern and find the place full of drunken warriors and bards. You see an empty chair at the bar and decide to have a seat. You notice the barkeep busy and she doesn't seem to be having a good day so you decide to wait for her to come to you.

As you wait for the barkeep, you look around. A grumpy elven notices you staring and remarks, "What are you looking at?" But you turn your head in another direction as to not pick a fight. You look out of the corner of your eye to see the elven going back to his drinking.

You notice behind the bar large pieces of parchment folded together with the front titled, The Tshy Tymes. This must be the local happenings of the town you think to yourself.

After noticing the barkeep rushing all around, she stops in front of you. "What can I get ya, sugar?" she asks.

Give me a mug of ale.
Wine, please. It doesn't matter the color.
That blood wyne looks interesting.
Let me read The Tshy Tymes.
I think I'll go mingle for a bit.
Nothing, I'm just leaving.


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