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Today's music is
"Copa Cabana"

The Tavern

The barkeep hands you a mug of ale. A warrior who's had a little more than enough to drink comes up to you and slaps you on the back. "Well hello there my good friend. *burp*" You smile and nod but wish he's go away just as fast as he came.

The warrior continues to talk. "I hear Robin Hood is in the area. Wants to talk to Tshy." You reply, "That's nice." He looks at you as though he's about to pass out. "Just hold on to your dinars, bub. He's a thief." With that, he passes out on the floor.

"Gosh darnit!" says the Barkeep, "Someone clean this messy guy up." Then she looks at you. "Are you still here!"

Give me another mug of ale.
Wine, please. It doesn't matter the color.
That blood wyne looks interesting.
Let me read The Tshy Tymes.
I think I'll go mingle for a bit.
I'm just leaving.