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Tshy Tymes

Vol. 1, No. 2

September 11, 1998

Tshy Tymes in your box: Options now available to recieve the newsletter by mail. Read all about it after checking out what's new in Tshy Town.


Scouts have found a forest. Located in the forest is Sherwood. This is the home of Robin Hood. Safe passage for visitors is accepted so you may learn more about it.


Visit the Pride Land in the fields searched out by our loyal scouts. Learn of the great story of Simba the Lion King.


The construction workers have been busy and the Ink & Scroll Hut is available for visitors. Currently we only have a guestbook, past Tshy Tymes issues and a form to send to Tshy. As we continue to renovate the place, we will add more options.


Scouts have been sent out to search the land for areas that visitors to Tshy Town can go to. You may follow a scout if you see one, but if something is out there and you need protection from it, don't count on the scout. He'll flee just like that and leave you all alone. Just be careful where you wander. As for the builders, please leave them alone and let them build. The Amazons and Hunters can drool over them, but let's just keep our hands to ourselves shall we.


Projects being evaluated right now are Tshy's Castle so you may visit him, meet his friends, take part in polls, and much more.

Tshy Tymes in your box

Don't want to continually have to come and read the Tshy Tymes only to find nothing new happening? Sign up to get the newsletter in your e-mail and read it there. No worries about coming to Tshy Town and going to find the Tshy Tymes and reread same old stuff.

Tshy Town aims to please its visitors so creating an e-mail newsletter as well as having it here will make it a lot easier for folks.

So if you are reading this for the first time, you are encouraged to sign up. All information can be found at the Ink & Scroll Hut.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail tshy, Owner of Tshy Town. His mailbox is always open.

Owner of Tshy Town

This is an issue of the Tshy Tymes, the on-going newsletter on what's happening in Tshy Town. Past issues of the Tshy Tymes are available.