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Tshy Tymes

Vol. 1, No. 1

September 2, 1998

The Tavern: The barkeep has opened her tavern under tshy's permission. Read all about it after checking out what's new in Tshy Town.


Yes, the medieval theme is back by request. But this is something a little different. This will be "slimy, yet satisfying." Watch The Lion King for that line. It will be informative with plenty of links elsewhere while being entertaining and adventurous.


Scouts have been sent out to search the land for areas that visitors to Tshy Town can go to. You may follow a scout if you see one, but if something is out there and you need protection from it, don't count on the scout. He'll flee just like that and leave you all alone. Just be careful where you wander. As for the builders, please leave them alone and let them build. The Amazons can drool over them, but let's just keep our hands to ourselves shall we.

The Tavern

Tshy has been busy and has finally built the Tavern. The tavern is a place to meet new friends, chat with old ones, and have a good time.

There are two ways to talk to one another. One is a live Java chat. Tshy would like to thank for allowing usage. If you cannot talk to other's live, why not leave them a message on the chat board. The chat board is supplied and hosted by The BoardHost. These two places are great to have fun with your old time buddies and a chance to make new ones. Who knows. Maybe Tshy or a special guest will come in once in awhile.

The barkeep is a strict woman so be on your toes. You may also find weird folks coming up to you if you have a drink. Just hear them out and humor them. Then they will go away.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail tshy, Owner of Tshy Town. His mailbox is always open.

Owner of Tshy Town

This has been the first issue of the Tshy Tymes, the on-going newsletter on what's happening in Tshy Town. Past issues of the Tshy Tymes will be available.